Everybody at CabinetTrac® is very passionate about the Kitchen & Bath industry. We are committed to continually advance CabinetTrac® to make the most useful tool. By joining our community of users your input can help make that happen.


What is CabinetTrac® ?

CabinetTrac® is a premier management tool that pulls together and organizes all the major facets of a Kitchen and Bath dealership. CabinetTrac® organizes service, deliveries, installation scheduling, sales, invoicing, and much more.

Why we developed CabinetTrac® ?

CabinetTrac® was born out of necessity, after spending several years working as independent sales reps for a cabinet company we became all too familiar with the common struggles that plague most Kitchen and Bath dealers everyday. Common breakdowns from the sales, service and delivery departments, just to name a few, have become part of our daily routines. We knew technology would be the answer to help us to manage daily activities and took it upon ourselves to develop what has become CabinetTrac®, the most effective tool a cabinet dealer can own!

Is CabinetTrac® right for your company?

There are various Drawing (CAD), Accounting, Client Relations Mgr (CRM), Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Email client products available today. These products are designed and intended to handle specific tasks and are very useful to all of us, however; to manage an entire cabinet dealership is not within their scope nor was it the intention of their designers. Welcome to CabinetTrac®, designed from a Cabinet Dealers point of view with the methodology and terminology we all use every day. CabinetTrac® allows the above programs do what they do best while it takes care of the business end of your dealership. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping 2 jobs per month or 200, CabinetTrac® is a very affordable tool that creates a system of organization which will keep you from constantly; managing paper storms, reordering and chasing down parts, using multiple white boards or spread sheets for installs, deliveries, service, and more. CabinetTrac® keeps everyone on the same page while creating more time to design, sell and install jobs, which increases your bottom line. The fact that CabinetTrac® is designed and created by Cabinet Dealers is the key to how simple and effective it is to deploy and use.

Total Cost of Ownership.

It is important to justify the “cost” of every tool or product you purchase. This cost is measured in three equal ways:

1) The amount of money you invest,

2) The amount of time you will save by using one-product versus another and

3) How long a product takes your staff to absorb and implement. Products today range from $89 to over $20,000 and handle a variety of tasks; however, it is best to do your homework when choosing what to invest your time and money in to. You can easily justify the price point of any tool or product as long as it is the right tool for the right job. We can provide you with the proper exposure to CabinetTrac® so you can make the correct choice. We encourage you to see our product in action by contacting us for a free web-based presentation and experience the ease and affordability of CabinetTrac®.